Coinpoker Review

If you are a proponent of using cryptocurrencies for its anonymity and freedom as well as a big fan of online poker, CoinPoker is here to answer all your prayers.

As of now, CoinPoker is as good as it gets when it comes to a blockchain technology-based poker sites. Turns out, it’s also a pretty decent poker site in general.

CoinPoker was just launched in late 2017, and most of its features launched in early 2018. That means it’s still a poker site in its very beginning stages. With the rise and growing popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH and others, it was inevitable that a poker site would emerge that took advantage of this new technology.

CoinPoker is by far the best result that has come from a marriage between these two concepts. It makes use of its very own cryptocurrency, called CHP, that can be purchased with ETH (and maybe other cryptocurrencies in the future) to fund your account. In this review, we inspect what it has to offer for serious online poker players and whether it’s a viable option for you.


Coinpoker Welcome Bonuses

CoinPoker doesn’t run a load of promotions or special offers. Instead, you can find multiple free buy-in tournaments with major prizes or with seats up for grabs to larger tournaments. However, from time to time, they do offer extra free buy-ins for those signing up or by participating in certain events/games.

Coinpoker App, Devices and Mobile Experience

It might surprise you to know that a relatively obscure poker site like CoinPoker offers fantastic multi-device support. You can download client software for almost all major devices. Windows, Mac and Android software is already freely available, and iOS software is on its way.

The quality of the software is also impressive. Despite how different CoinPoker is to other poker sites, the interface is familiar enough so that you won’t feel lost if you’ve used one before. The ease with which you can transfer your ETH or CHP funds between your account and wallet is also commendable. You want this process to be as easy as possible so you can focus on playing poker.

VIP and Loyalty Programs at Coinpoker

For now, there is no real rewards program on CoinPoker. The closest you will get to one, for now, is their promise to put 15% of their initial coin offering (ICO) back into their community via future bonuses and promotions.

It’s worth taking into account that CoinPoker is still very young, having only really started in January of 2018. There is still a lot of room to grow, and more robust bonuses and promotions as well as a rewards program might still come into play later on.

Coinpoker Online Games

Cash Games

We’ll forgive CoinPoker for not having the largest variety when it comes to poker games just yet. It’s still a very young platform, and its creators seem heavily focussed on providing as high-quality of an experience as they can put together. As such, there is no reason not to expect more games as the site matures.

For now, you can choose between only two poker formats. This is partly due to the fact that they don’t want so many formats that there aren’t enough players to fill the tables, and partly because they want to improve the experience first before branching out. To keep the tables full and active there are only 4 and 6-player tables for now.

No-Limit Hold’em

This is the classic and most popular poker format that no site could call itself a “poker site” without. It has the most steady stream of players and the biggest pots.

Pot-Limit Omaha

There is a little less traffic at these tables compared to the NLHE tables, so you shouldn’t find it hard to get in on the action.


To the Moon and Beyond

This is not a single tournament but a whole series of tournaments structured to give any player on CoinPoker a chance to participate. Varying buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools cater to all risk appetites and bankrolls.

– The daily tournaments have buy-ins that range from completely free to 200 CHP with 50 CHP intervals in between. The guaranteed prize pools range from 750 CHP to 500 CHP. Some tournaments award tickets to a special tournament instead of a CHP amount.

– There are special daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. The less frequent a tournament is, the higher the buy-in and guaranteed prizes. The biggest is the weekly Andromeda Sunday with a 70,000 CHP GTD.

Satellite Tournaments

From time to time, CoinPoker also holds satellite tournaments for other major real-life poker competitions, usually in Asia. For example, they are currently running a satellite competition to win a place to compete in the ATP Championship Ho Chi Minh event.

There is a maximum of 3 stages through which you need to progress:

– Freebuys: You automatically qualify for a place to compete or can rebuy entry at a low cost (average 50 CHP).

– Satellites: You need to buy-in to this stage if you didn’t win a seat via the Freebuys. It’s 100 CHP to buy-in, and there are 10,000 CHP guaranteed prize pools.

– Main qualifier: The buy-in is 5,000 CHP without a seat. There are 5 guaranteed spots to the ATP Vietnam competition.

Payment Options and Withdrawals

Payment Methods

As you might expect, you cannot make deposits or withdrawals to your CoinPoker account via traditional means. As it’s cryptocurrency based, you will need to fund your account and withdraw your winnings via a cryptocurrency wallet. That being said, if you are already comfortable with using cryptocurrencies and have a wallet, it’s extremely easy to do.

They have numerous FAQs on the topic to guide you through the process. You will need to add CHP as a currency to your Ethereum wallet that supports it. The most popular options include:


– Mist

– The official Ethereum wallet

For now, you can only exchange ETH (or Ethereum) for CHP. It’s unclear if this will change in the future.

Once you have a wallet, you can easily exchange ETH to CHP just like you would with any other two cryptocurrencies in your wallet or in the CoinPoker app itself. Once you have CHP in your wallet, it’s very easy to transfer it to your CoinPoker funds from the CoinPoker app.

Deposit terms

True to the nature of most things in the realm of cryptocurrency, there seems to be a zero-fuss approach to making deposits. There are no hidden fees or exchange costs (outside of whatever your wallet’s exchange rate is). You can make unlimited deposits of any amount.


You can expect the same flexibility and freedom when it comes to withdrawals. There aren’t any limits or complicated terms to hash out like there are on most other similar poker sites. You can easily withdraw CHP from your account to your wallet and exchange it for ETH whenever you wish.

Fair or Not?

If you’re comfortable with using cryptocurrency, the freedom of making transactions will not only be convenient, but unbeatable. This is partly due to the fact that there is a bit more grey area when it comes to what legislation or anti-fraud measures sites utilising cryptocurrency need to enforce. No fees, instant processing times and complete anonymity are what attract players to this kind of platform.

Customer Support

You can get in contact with CoinPoker support via email ( They also have a handy FAQ and documentation section that’s pretty easy to follow for those not familiar with cryptocurrencies and who need a bit of help with the basics.

Their social media accounts are also extremely active and you should be able to reach someone via their Twitter or Facebook profiles. Lastly, there is a lively community with a growing forum where you can get assistance from your peers.

About Coinpoker

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Final Verdict

There is no denying the fact that, for now, CoinPoker is still a very bare-bones poker offering. This young site still has a long way to go in terms of providing more cash game formats, bonuses and a rewards program.

However, the creators’ commitment to quality is promising, and the overall enjoyability and robustness of the experience speak of good things to come. It’s also great that such a small site has a relatively active tournament setup. If you believe in cryptocurrency and you want to gamble with an unrivalled level of anonymity and freedom, then CoinPoker is a solid option.

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